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Friday, April 16, 2010

Tech: Blog Posting Minutiae and Other Things Soporific

I've been actively promoting this blog by shamelessly spamming--I mean commenting--on other people's blogs, forums, discussion boards, chalkboards, and back windows.  I never would have suspected that so much work goes into writing one of these things.  I'm kind of blogged out, yet simultaneously energized by the progress I've made.  My seven followers (okay, four of the seven are my alt accounts-don't tell anyone) must surely be enamored and enthralled by the great art, high thinking, and other assorted nonsense that I post here.

I obtained critical success when I figured out that I can place widget html directly into the widget sidebar template thingies and not try and navigate a sea of words and numbers in the main body html script. 
  - div
     -insert sniped html script here
      -result=template freeze
                -insert sniped html script here
             -repeat process ad infinitum   

I know such shortcuts will never qualify for any title greater than Baron in Nerddom, but not too shabby for someone who graduated from the public school system.  I nearly peed my pants when I got the Buy Me a Coffee thing to work--man some coffee sounds good ; ) .

Also, I registered this blog with ever blog registry known to man del.icio.ous, technorati, submit express, and, in retrospect, several other perhaps not so reputible sites (is it a bad sign if I gave them my social security number and the password to my online bank account?--it sounded legit at three o'clock in the morning).  I think the accumulated man hours total somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-45 hours give or take and the fruits of this labor amount to one new and genuine follower.  Woohoo!! 

Seriously, for those of you wanting to increase traffic to your blog, check out this site here: , have patience, write a lot, and don't listen to people like me.  Good luck!!

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