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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blog Tips: Just Post Like it's Going Out of Style

Something I've discovered while researching blogs (which is short for weblog, btw) is that in order to have your work recognized--and by recognized, I mean picked up by all the bots and spiders out there and sent to the top of the list--is that you have to type a lot.  How much, you ask?  Until your fingers bleed, then tape em up, and then type some more.  Really though, I'm not sure how much one needs to type.  I strive for at least three or four posts a week and I consider it really good if I can get a post in every day. 

But I think it is more than just quantity (that's what she said).  If you aren't posting anything that people want to read, then it aint gonna work--says the man with an average of 12 visits a day.  So, find something that you are interested in and write about it.  Write about it well and often and maybe someday "Hannah's Bananas: My Life in a Mexican Prison Camp" will be at the top of the list.

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