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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Artist of the Week: Tiziano Vecelli or Tiziano Vecellio aka Titian

Titian is one of those artists that I forget about and then through happenstance come across one of his works and think to myself, "Oh yeah. I like that guy!"  He is one of the few Italian Renaissance artists whose use of color isn't so garrishly typical of the period that one can look at his work and not necessarily say to themselves, "Yeah, that's an Italian Renaissance painter."  And I like that about his work.

Many of his pieces have a naturalistic feel that presents a refreshing contrast to the more refined classical pieces of the period.  Although much of his work contains subject matter congruent with what one would expect to find during the Renaissance, his paintings contain a warmth and a soul that I think is absent in many of the other commissioned pieces of his day.

Below are some of his works:

Self Portrait

Giorgione and Titian. Portrait of a Venetian Gentleman. c.1510

Portrait of a Man. 1514

St. Mark Enthroned with Saints. c.1510

Portrait of a Man. c.1512

Assumption of the Virgin (Assunta). 1516-1518

Portrait of Pope Paul III without a Cap. 1543

Allegory of Time Governed by Prudence. c.1565

St. Sebastian. 1575

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